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A cookie is a text file that a website visited by the user sends to their terminal (computer, mobile device such as smartphone or tablet), where it is stored and then retransmitted to that site on a subsequent visit to the site itself.

Cookies are divided into the following categories:

  • depending on the entity that installs them, depending on whether it is the same manager of the site visited (so-called “first-party cookies”) or a different subject (so-called “third-party cookies”);
  • depending on the purpose of each cookie: some cookies allow better navigation, memorizing some of the user’s choices, for example the language (so-called “functional cookies”), other cookies analyze performance and are used to collect and analyze the traffic and use of the site (so-called “statistical cookies”), finally there are other cookies that allow the user’s navigation to be monitored also for the purpose of sending advertising (so-called “functional cookies”). marketing cookies”) and/or offer services in line with your preferences (so-called “profiling cookies”).

The Site uses certain types of cookies, including technical, statistical, marketing, as specified below. Due to the particular invasiveness that these devices can have in the private sphere of users, European and Italian legislation provides that the user must be adequately informed about the use of the same and thus express his valid consent.


By visiting our site, you may receive cookies both from the site you visit (“first-party”) and from sites operated by other organizations (“third parties”). Since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties through the services used within this site cannot be technically controlled by the Data Controller, please refer to the relevant information notices to which please refer.

In particular, the following cookies are installed on this site:


Cookie Service Name Supplier Description Typology
_grecaptcha Google recaptcha Google Provides spam protection FUNCTIONAL
cmplz_banner-status Cookie bar Complianz BV Save if the cookie bar has been closed FUNCTIONAL
twk_* Chat Tawk inc. Chat Session FUNCTIONAL
TawkConnectionTime Chat Tawk inc. FUNCTIONAL
pll_language Holiday System srl Save Language Preferences FUNCTIONAL
iscpren Holiday System srl Resume Abandoned Booking FUNCTIONAL
_Go Google Analytics Google Count and track page views STATISTICS
_Go_* Google Analytics Google Count and track page views STATISTICS
_fbp Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Save and track visits across websites STATISTICS
_fbc Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Save your last visit STATISTICS
FBM* Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Save user details STATISTICS
xs Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. save a unique session ID STATISTICS
Wd Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Determine your screen resolution STATISTICS
Fr Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Enable ad delivery or retargeting MARKETING
Sb Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Save your browser details STATISTICS
actppresence Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Save and track if the browser tab is active STATISTICS
PHPSESSID Holiday System srl Session cookies FUNCTIONAL


METHODS FOR EXPRESSING CONSENT TO COOKIESWhen current legislation, the Data Controller is not required to ask for consent for technical cookies, as they are necessary to provide the services requested. For all other types of cookies, consent must be given by the User.

On your first visit to the Site, you can accept all cookies by clicking on the “Accept” button in the banner itself. Otherwise, you can activate or deactivate the individual categories of cookies and confirm your choices by clicking on the “Cookie settings” button in the banner itself.

You can access the extended information at any time through the “Cookie Policy” link.


You can also decide which cookies to accept through the settings of the browser you use to browse. Most browsers default to accept cookies, but you can change these settings by changing your browser settings.

If you decide to disable cookies, you should take into account their characteristics, to avoid incurring unwelcome changes to navigation on the site. In particular, disabling some cookies may prevent you from using certain features of the site.

The Help of the browser used to browse contains all the information to enable or block cookies, we indicate below some quick links to obtain them:

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