Summer camp Code of Coduct

By completing and submitting the registration form to the Juventus Summer Camp, the parents/guardians accept the terms and conditions of purchase indicated on the internet website and the fundamental rules contained in this Code of Conduct, undertaking to ensure their participant child/children respect them.


The aim of the Juventus Summer Camp is to ensure that all children who take part in the activities enjoy an engaging and unforgettable experience, helping them acquire not only specific technical and competitive skills but also ethical and social values that contribute to forming responsible members of society. To achieve this, it is crucial to create a pleasant atmosphere, in a safe and protective environment, in respect of simple and mandatory rules of good conduct and coexistence.

Accordingly, the children participating are asked to respect some rules to prevent inappropriate conduct and to develop an awareness of the need to respect some common rules for civil coexistence, to ensure the smooth running and proper conduct of relationships at the Juventus Summer Camp, in a setting of collaboration and mutual respect, to the benefit of individuals and the community. Any breach of the rules of conduct will be carefully assessed, reported to the children’s families and may lead to the measures envisaged below.

Rules of conduct:

· Children must behave in a manner respectful of and polite to other participants, towards the Juventus Summer Camp Team and towards staff working in their accommodation facilities. Children must always treat their companions with courtesy, dignity and respect and must collaborate with the Juventus Summer Camp Team, following the instructions given by the latter, keeping in mind the different roles between children and adults working in the Juventus Summer Camp Team.

· Children should always control their language, maintain a normal tone of voice and express themselves respectfully and correctly. It is strictly prohibited to use disrespectful, vulgar and humiliating terms towards other participants and/or members of the Juventus Summer Camp Team. Civilised people never resort to vulgarities, swear words or even threats, intentional offensiveness or slander. Such words constitute even more serious conduct when they are directed at disabled persons or when the insults may be construed as being racist.

· Every participant must behave appropriately, must never act improperly, even when joking, and must never use violence. Children must show respect for all around them and must always be willing to help, particularly with weaker children or those who are struggling. Acts of abuse and violence towards others and acts of bullying, in any form they manifest (physical or verbal violence) will not be accepted or tolerated by the organisation.

· Participants must behave in a manner respectful of the locations, the environment and the material provided. Children must use the facilities and equipment provided correctly, behaving in a manner that does not cause damage. Any act of vandalism and/or damage towards persons and/or property will not be tolerated and must be compensated.

· For urgent communications, the families will be provided, upon arriving at the Camp, with a contact number for the Camp administration office. It is prohibited to have and to use a mobile telephone during the sporting activities. If participants have personal mobile phones, they must be placed, together with other personal items, in their rucksack and may only be used at certain times of the day, as decided by the Juventus Summer Camp Team. Juventus declines any responsibility for custody in that regard.

· During the stay at the Juventus Summer Camp it is strictly prohibited to have alcohol and/or drugs and/or other substances prohibited by law and/or prohibited for minors aged under 18.

· It is strictly prohibited to smoke.

· It is strictly prohibited to take and/or steal materials and/or objects owned by third parties.

· Individual and/or group acts or conduct that harm the dignity of children participating at the Juventus Summer Camp and the respect of the individual (for example photos and/or recordings) or which

constitute a danger to personal safety are prohibited. It is strictly prohibited to collect and disseminate texts, images, videos or voice recordings without respect the rights and fundamental freedoms of the persons being depicted/recorded.

· It is a compulsory requirements that all participants comply with the organisational and safety rules laid down by the regulations in the areas in which they are located.

· It is mandatory to behave correctly, respectfully and in compliance with the ethical principles of Juventus Football Club (the Code of Ethics can be found on the internet website )

· Every participant must be aware that the Juventus jersey represents a set of fundamental values and principles (such as FairPlay, politeness, respect for oneself and for others, health, good nutrition, etc.), which must be respected at all times of the day and in all locations frequented during the different activities.

If the rules indicated above are breached, the following educational and training interventions will be implemented:

With regard to conduct in breach of the rules:

· if the conduct is sporadic and not particularly serious, the Juventus Summer Camp Team will give a verbal warning to the participant for educational purposes, aimed at ensuring they reflect on their behaviour and develop awareness and responsibility;

· if the inappropriate behaviour is repeated, the Juventus Summer Camp Team will report such behaviour to the parents/guardians and may consider adopting measures against the children involved, such as temporary suspension from the activities, for educational purposes aimed at strengthening their sense of responsibility and restoring appropriate conduct within the Juventus Summer Camp community.

In no case will the free expression of opinions manifested correctly and not harmful of the others be sanctioned.

In the case of serious acts which interfere with the proper performance of the activities of the Juventus Summer Camp or that may constitute a danger to the safety of persons, or in the case of illegal or intentional acts that may constitute a crime (improper use of the mobile telephone, smoking, violent acts causing a danger to oneself and others, behaviour disrespectful of human dignity, theft, damage to materials or places, etc.), the children will be expelled from the Juventus Summer Camp, without the right to any refund of previously paid sums, in which case the parents/guardians will be required to immediately collect the child in their care from the Juventus Summer Camp. In the case of theft or damage, the parents/guardians will be responsible for any relative compensation.


Turin, 25/06/2020